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Hamudistan is a small and independent country located in the southwestern portion of a hidden peninsula. Its capital city is El Hamwimsi and it shares borders with Crolesia and Bulungi. Hamudistan enjoys a decent coastline in the east. Hamudistans climate is tropical with a brief rainy season in April. Hamudistan has one of the highest standards of living in the world. Hamudistans leader, Prince Olfo I, is reputedly one of the worlds richest and most liberal persons.

Official Name:    Principality of Hamudistan
Administration:   2 Counties (Hamwimsi and Outback)
Capital:             El Hamwimsi
National Holiday: 17. April

Demography:      100,000 inhabitants (95% male, 5% female)

Most native Hamudistanians belong to the Moffi tribe which is split into nearly 30 ethnic sub groups. 
The population of 100,000 is maintained at all times. Hence, there is no annual growth rate. Women are not allowed to get pregnant in Hamudistan as little kids are considered a nuisance to others.


The country is divided into two geographic regions: the eastern coastal area around the capital El Hamwimsi with most of the population, and the Outback.

The Outback is fertile area with a central plateau, crossed by numerous valleys, rivers and partially covered by dense tropical forests. In the western part of the Outback mountains can be found, especially along the border with Bulungi and Crolesia.


His Serene Highness Prince Olfo I is the sole and undisputed leader of Hamudistan. He has the ultimate power and is ruling the country by decree.  At current, there s neither a Government nor a parliament or a house of representatives. There are no political parties. However, the Serene Highness relies on the recommendations of a number of advisors. Members of the Advisory Council enjoy high privileges.

Diplomatic Policy:

Generally, Hamudistan evaluates all requests for diplomatic recognition from other nations on a case-by-case basis. We have a policy that we wish to cumminicate with nations of a closely similar nature. We reserve the right to refuse formal diplomatic contact with other nations..


English (official). German is widely understood.


There is no official religion in Hamudistan and each inhabitant is free to chose one to his likings. 


Currency / Monetary Units: 1 Jotz = 100 Nückel.

Hamudistan is a Tax Free zone. The inhabitants enjoy high subsidies. Despite its immense wealth, most of the country outside the capital remains undeveloped and unexploited. Hamudistan is almost entirely dependent on imports for its food requirements.

Hamudistan has wisely used its huge revenues to increase the standard of living for all its inhabitants. Earnings from its overseas investments and from the local Entertainment industry exceed the revenues from oil, gas, diamonds and gold.

Thanks to Hamudistan’s extremely liberal laws for intoxinating substances (except drugs), gambling and prostitution, the country has been promotin itself as a prime  destination for upmarket entertainment tourism.


The Hamudistan print and broadcast media operate freely within the confines of the law. Public and private broadcasting is regulated by His Serene Highness Price Olfo I.  

The national public broadcasting organisation, Radio Hamudistan, dominates the broadcasting sector. It provides a comprehensive service on radio and television, in various languages. Satellite TV is widely available.


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The Daily Puke – mass-circulation tabloid