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on behalf of His Serene Highness Prince Olfo I, we wish you a very warm welcome to Hamudistan's official webpage.

NEWS OF THE DAY - Hamudistan is about to get UN Member

Hamudistan, an ancient and proud principality steeped in a rich and colorful history, is considered by many connaisseurs the most fascinating country.

Though the Principality covers only a few square feet, it stands as a proud monarchy with his Serene Highness Prince Olfo I as its sole head of state.

Today people visit Hamudistan and its glittering capiatal El Hamwimsinot simply to relax and to admire the beauty of its inhabitants, not just to enjoy the good things in life, nor merely to see and be seen, but to revel in the memorable life-enhancing experience. That is Hamudistan.

Hamudistan is a virtual country, liberal and full of joy, conveniently located between reality and phantasy. For details, see the Hamudistan Fact page.

As a sovereign and independent state, the Principality of Hamudistan has borders on its landward sides with Crolesia and Bulungi. 

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